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A beautifully designed space should do more than just look visually stunning. It should elevate the lifestyle and well-being of those who occupy it. By drawing upon the extensive expertise of our Finenco Architects' team in commercial, hospitality, and residential design, we create exceptional spaces that embody the distinctive taste, individuality and culture of our clients.

Interior Design


In. Commercial
Vietnam Airline HQ, Vietnam

Project: Vietnam Airline Headquarter
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Year: 2020
Land area: sqm 9,000 on 5 floors 

The inspiration for this project originated from images of famous Vietnamese symbols, such as Ha Long Bay and the lotus flower. Finenco Architects organized all of the functional spaces so that they were connected to each other through the design of corridors in line with the direction of the light design. Ultimately, producing an effect that was both unique and superior to the conventional design. 

Piaggio Office, Vietnam

Project: Piaggio Office, Hanoi, Vietnam
Location: BIDV TOWER, Hanoi, Vietnam
Year: 2010
Area: sqm 600 

Piaggio Vietnam is a renowned motorcycle brand and an important member of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMM). Referring to Piaggio means referring to the elegance, style, and liberty of the people and nation that owns this Italian brand. 

It is an honor that this international brand selected Finenco Architects as their interior design unit for their office in Vietnam


Hugo Boss Shop, Vietnam

Project: Hugo Boss Shop
Location: 60 Ly Thai To, Hanoi, Vietnam
Year: 2012 
Land area: sqm 200 

Interior design is an indispensable component of any architectural work. Interior design for a home makes it “smarter” as well as more practical and convenient for your family to live in. For shops, interior design has a significant role in influencing customer purchase behavior, as such, increasing its ability to secure sales. 

Depending on a firm’s business strategy and display items, Finenco Architect will design stores that represent the brand’s style in the most appealing way, thus positively impacting the customer’s emotions when they visit and shop. 

Maritime Museum, China

Project: Museum
Location: Lingan Shanghai
Year: 2007
Area: sqm 30,000

Finenco Architects won this project competition in collaboration with Studio Rosselli and the Maritime Museum of Genoa. Given the size of the area, the challenge was that visitors could not explore the whole space in one visit; therefore creating just a single museum with a single visiting path would be wasting the space and ultimately the client investment. We came up with the idea of maximizing the space by creating 3 museums to showcase the past, the present and the future of the Maritime industry. Visitors would then be able to purchase either individual tickets for the museum that they were more interested about, or purchase a combo ticket valid on multiple days. This smart solution, not only helped making the best use of space, but it also brought 3x the income for all the concessions located and connected to the museums like gift shops and restaurants. 


I-Club Gym, China

Project: I-Club Gym 
Location: Suzhou, China
Year: 2007 
Area: sqm 600 

The concept underlying the design of this gym goes beyond simply creating a space for physical exercise: Finenco Architects collaborated with Technogym, a leading manufacturer of exercise machines, to create the interior design of a gym dedicated to overall well-being, including areas for dining and relaxation. To emphasize the philosophy of this environment, the design is influenced by the shapes and colors of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. In this manner, the gym also becomes a place for meeting and socializing, which is an increasingly popular theme in the 21st century.