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Designs tailored to fulfill your desired way of living. We understand that the spaces we create have the power to enhance people's lives, inspire them, and bring them together. That is why, at Finenco Architects, the client is at the heart of every project. We take pride in designing spaces that are not only visually stunning and comfortable but also welcoming and inclusive, reflecting the diverse range of cultures, ideas, and experiences of the people who will inhabit them.



Arch. Comercia
Science & Technology Museum, China

Project: Museum
Location: Huainan - China
Year: 2009
Land Area: Sqm 15,000 

This project was the subject of a competition that Finenco Architects won in a tie with another architectural firm. The client requested a modern structure that incorporates a variety of geometric shapes; a sphere and angular lines can be seen. As the color had to also give an impression, red was selected to pay tribute to the country and to generate reactive stimuli among visitors, considering that it is a museum. 

Mipec Tower, Vietnam

Project: Mipec Tower
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam 229 Tay Son Street.
Year: 2008
Land Area: Sqm 12,230 
Total floor Area: Sqm 127,668

This project consists of 3 towers connected by a podium with the function of a 5-floors high commercial center. The tower on Tay Son Street is 25-story high, the other two towers are 27 floors high, meant for corporate offices and apartments. The total area of Mipec has an ideal proportion that creates favorable conditions for the design of roads. For the green areas of the landscape, Finenco Architects utilized alternating green stripes of various sizes to create architectural accents. The remaining zone around the building was used for roads and outdoor parking lots. The position is strategically set for natural light to reach the commercial spaces making them more accessible. The office and apartment towers were designed with diverse layouts, sizes, and floor designs to suit many needs. 


Sport Center, Vietnam

Project: Sport center - Olympic Swimming Pool
Location: My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Year: 2003
Land area: Construction Area: Sqm 14,000
Designed by: Finenco Architects with A&P Vietnam

Finenco Architect designed the indoor swimming stadium and swimming pools according to international standards that would meet the needs of recreational sports for the people of Hanoi and the Southeast Asian Games. The outstanding features of these structures are as follows: 

- Public entrance in the South at the main road leading to My Dinh Stadium.
- Private athletes’ entrance to the north of the building leading to the locker room and other functional rooms. 
- A closed hall with a glass ceiling, divided into sections for a variety of visitors. 
- Wide view from the balcony of the lobby to public and service areas. 
- Designed to be individually operated for different purposes, which include competition, training, and entertainment. 

Pico Plaza, Vietnam

Project: Pico Plaza
Location: HCMC, Vietnam
Year: 2012
Land Area: Sqm 13,929
Construction Area : Sqm 6,915

Pico Plaza is the highest structure in the Tan Binh district and one of Ho Chi Minh City's premier commercial complexes. This building was constructed on a huge scale with significant investment. Pico Plaza Ho Chi Minh City has a modern architectural design that makes the most out of the available area. The view from the windows makes good use of sunlight with a 360-degree view of the city. With its full facilities, Pico Plaza promises to be a perfect destination to live, work, and enjoy. 



Arch Hospitalty
Hengshan Island Development, China

Project: Hengshan Island Development
Location: Zhuhai, China
Year: 2008
Area: Sqm 300,000 

The objective of this project was to create a harmonious landscape, minimize the negative influence of architectural works on the surrounding landscape, utilize and promote natural factors suitable for people’s living environments. To achieve this goal, in addition to implementing green technology in design and construction, solutions on spatial layout - shapes - structures architect must be adopted to make use of the benefits of nature while saving energy. Although there were numerous challenges in architecture, green architecture is progressively becoming a guideline to assist architects in creating attractive, harmonious and convenient structures for human use.