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Master Planning

Finenco Architects' Master Planning services prioritize successful site and building designs through a blend of insight, creativity, and experience. Our team considers a variety of factors such as neighborhood, community, environment, and cultural context to develop sophisticated designs that address past, present, and future needs while remaining practical, functional, and economically sound.

Ocean Front Project, Vietnam

Project: Ocean Front 
Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam
Year: 2009
Area: 11,69 Ha. 

Located in the center of Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa is a beautiful development with 3 sides facing Nha Trang Bay, which is one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Hengshan Island Development, China

Project: Hengshan Island Development
Location: Zhu Hai, China
Year: 2008
Area: 21 Ha.

Coastal architecture is a distinct category of architecture that differs in terms of architectural form, spatial functions employed, and technical solutions from what is found in urban centers or cities inland. On the island of Hengshan, China, Finenco Architects was chosen to operate as the planning and design unit for this region. Finenco, thereby, crafted an exceptional plan by identifying methods to leverage the local area’s unique development potentials and natural features. The master planning did not immediately construct multi-million dollar coastal villas or remove the most valuable land fund for tourism. Instead, it focused on core functions that create demand for lodging, eating, shopping and transit transforming the area into a sought after tourist destination. Lastly, this project offered proactive planning for green/sustainable development by avoiding the adverse impacts on landscape architecture and the environment, which only a few projects can do. 

Rach Tram Resort, Vietnam

Project: Rach Tram resort 
Location: Phu Quoc island, Vietnam
Year: 2020
Area: 21 Ha. 

In February 2020, Cityland Group commissioned Finenco Architects to design a new resort for villas in Rach Tram, North-West of Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. After Finenco’s concept design for the Masterplan 1:500 was approved by the Investor in the Concept phase, the Landscape Design phase was initiated. Following this, in July 2020, Finenco dispatched its Urban Planners and Landscape Designers to Phu Quoc for inspection. A team of 8 architects, led by Chief Architect Gian Paolo Vitale, spent 2 days surveying the vegetation conditions. This was done to better comprehend what, how, and where to reuse existing trees in the project. Finenco Architects is the mastermind behind hundreds of renowned master planning projects worldwide. We are always willing to listen and provide the best solutions for our projects. 

Pujiang-128-1 Residential, China

Project: Pujiang-128-1 Residential
Location: Shanghai, China
Year: 2010
Area: 40 Ha.

In the art of planning, the concept of a sustainable urban design is more than just a city with plenty of trees. It also includes, but not limited to, master planning with a sustainable location, preserving and efficiently utilizing energy/water sources, increasing the use of renewable energy, and conserving the ecological diversity. Ecological works, green construction, and vegetation cover generate a community capable of self-sustaining and evolving that interacts with human life. It can therefore be said that the objective of green urban areas and ecological cities is the goal of sustainable development. To ensure sustainable, dynamic, and effective urban development, the structure of urban spatial development must be determined on the basis of the urban natural framework, current conditions, and urban development potentials. Urban planning must create green spaces and water-surfaces harmony between the urban environment and nature. Green spaces must have a close relationship with each other, connecting individual architectures with the common green space of each functional area. 

Yangzhou E-town, China

Project: Yangzhou E-town
Location: Yangzhou, China
Year: 2008
Area: 648 Ha.

Yangzhou is a provincial city of Jiangsu Province, China, located on the north bank of the Yangtze River. Thanks to this gift from mother nature, this city has been bestowed with a mesmerizing charm, imbuing it with a verdant and refreshing ambiance. This riverside urban area has been developed with a sustainable objective, thus becoming both an asset and a landmark of the city. Finenco Architects is honored to have been the urban design and planning unit of China's Yangzhou E-town project.