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Landscape design is an integral part of the architecture, and Finenco Architects believes that designing a beautiful and functional landscape is just as important as designing the building itself. We utilize a range of design techniques and materials to create unique and sustainable landscapes that connect people to nature and elevate their living. 

Jiang Gai Rd Riverside, China

Project: Jiang Gai Rd Riverside
Location: Chongqing, China
Year: 2007
Area: 3.1 Km

Finenco Architects is proud to have been be the chosen landscape design unit for hundreds of resort projects, high-class villas, parks, gardens around the world, including being the official landscape design unit for this riverside project.
With its beautifully colored settings, roads and pathways stretching along the river which resemble impromptu "paintings," the meticulously and intricately designed greenery system has attracted the attention of a large number of visitors thus becoming an ideal destination to visit in Chongqing for thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists.

Mandarin Garden Complex, Vietnam

Project: Mandarin Garden Complex
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Year: 2010
Area: 1 Ha

Finenco Architects have transformed the roadways surrounding the Mandarin Garden Complex into a square to produce a spacious and unobstructed view. The stepped ramp system is designed in geometric blocks with distinct vertical lines that form a garden area, a promenade deck, and spaces for planting trees. Moreover, covered areas are designed into multi-purpose playgrounds that are bordered by trees. The landscape architecture has elevated the value of the Mandarin Garden Complex to a new level, turning this location into a lush and serene retreat in the crowded Hanoi capital. 

Binh Complex, Vietnam

Project: Hoa Binh Complex
Location: Hochiminh city, Vietnam
Year: 2011
Area: Sqm 8,670

Finenco Architects was the consultant for the landscape design of Hoa Binh Complex Tower. The design developed for this building was dynamic and contemporary while still respecting the sustainable factor. The high quality stone materials and flourishing landscape were given special attention. The fountains and rows of trees were arranged alternately to add color and make the square area more lively and spacious.

Dong Thai Lake, Vietnam

Project: Dong Thai Lake
Location: Ninh Binh, Vietnam
Year: 2007
Area: 2,000 Ha.

Finenco Architects was honored to join the Dong Thai Lake project as a unit for landscape design. There were several design solutions for plants, sculptures, and lighting that were implemented to produce a delicate harmony between different material surfaces. As a result, we have enjoyed the wild and majestic beauty of the Dong Thai Lake eco-zone, or also called “Halong Bay on land”. 

Ninh Binh Resort, Vietnam

Project: Ninh Binh Resort
Location: Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, Vietnam
Year: 2009
Area: 23.2 Ha

In the master planning of a resort, the interior is the most important part of creating convenience, and the landscape is the key to creating a unique attraction. 
Over 90% of tourists return to a resort because they love the scenery. Therefore, selecting the landscape design unit for each resort project is crucial. Finenco Architects is proud to have been the landscape design unit for the Ninh Binh Resort, one of the most famous beautiful resorts in the North of Vietnam.