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Finenco Group 

Since its inception in Italy in the 80s, Finenco Group has expanded its reach to Asia by establishing Finenco Architects in China in 2000 and Vietnam in 2002. As one of the earliest Italian architectural and design companies to develop a presence in these markets, Finenco Architects has gained recognition and earned a reputation for excellence. 

With over 55 international clients spanning various sectors, and a portfolio of over 700 projects across 12 territories (Italy, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Malaysia, France, UAE, and Cambodia), today Finenco Architects specializes in four major areas: 

  • Urban Planning

  • Architectural Design

  • Landscape Design

  • Interior Design

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Our Philosphy 

Why Are We Different? 

We believe the client is at the heart of every project: their dreams, values, budget and vision. Our philosophy combines contemporary architectural science with cultural heritage.

By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge design and technology, we create spaces that optimize functionality, promote sustainability while advancing commercial viability and elevate the cultural identity of the built environment. 

We believe in crafting spaces that inspire and nurture the human spirit. This means that our creations are not only aesthetically pleasing but they also focus on details and positionings that enhance the comfort of the people who will live or work in them. We do this by designing: 

  • A perfect Function schema at all times

  • Great Ventilation

  • Correct Lighting

  • Excellent Sound Control

Our Practice

Honing a reputation for excellence means that we focus on three important criteria:

Team Work

We believe that collaboration is the key to our best designs. Our team consists of experienced architects and passionate young talent who work together, constantly challenging and inspiring each other to push the boundaries of innovation. 


We carefully choose and collaborate with local companies to ensure that large-scale projects are executed to meet our clients' requirements and needs. Our approach not only guarantees the most appropriate and effective use of resources but also enables us to tap into local knowledge and expertise


Our architects are highly skilled in various disciplines and are strategically assigned to different departments where they can receive specialized training and hone their expertise. This approach enables us to offer a diverse range of services to our clients while ensuring that our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques to deliver exceptional results.

Our People

Finenco Architects Founder & CEO



With over 30 years of experience in Europe and Asia, Alfio Di Bella has managed an extensive list of top-level projects, teams of architects, budgets, and supervision for his clients. He specializes in urban planning, architectural projects, interior design, and restoration. He is not only an expert on the overall aesthetic design of a structure but also its functionality scheme and how all structural operations can work together practically and harmoniously (e.g. the different functions in a hotel).  

Alfio is also an expert on all types of building materials, technical aspects of materials' installation and problem-solving in the installation process. This ability proves to be a highly valuable asset in any architectural design project, especially when working with local design and construction companies. Alfio is accustomed to giving lectures and speeches in front of hundreds of people at a time on a range of topics concerning Architecture as a whole. In addition to his role at Finenco Architects, Alfio also provides consulting services for smaller bespoke projects at Interior AP. 

Finenco Architects Shanghai Office
Finenco Architects Hanoi Office
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